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The brief introduction of myself

For almost 12 years now Joseph Sloan, has assisted with the customer experience, customer lifecycle, market research, customer retention, analysis and operations at the Apollo Education Group via Western International University and the University of Phoenix. Supporting over 1 million customers globally, he has successfully enhanced the customer experience through the strategic evaluation of industry research, creation of system/technology interventions and the formation of business units that positively impact customer satisfaction, customer retention and revenue growth.

   Board Affiliations & Memberships
  • West Valley Child Crisis Center (Board Member)
    Partnering with Child Protective Services and the Arizona Department of Economic Security.
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Member)
    Committed to enhancing human well-being and organizational performance through the science of industrial/organizational psychology.
  • Corporate Executive Board Company (Member)
    Committed to assessing key performance trends, navigating leadership changes and building teams through talent management and performance planning
  • Bersin by Deloitte (Member)
    Empowering leaders through research-based industry insights, tools and consulting services to help drive performance.
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Skills and Expertise

Growth Strategy
Financial Analysis
Project Management
Leadership Development
Change Management
Organizational Development


Accomplished operations leader with 10+ years experience enhancing organizational culture, customer satisfaction rates, retention rates, growth planning, industry research methods, financial planning/analysis and the continuous improvement of services, internal processes, system integrations, technology enhancements and customer service methods.


Director of Operations
University of Phoenix (An Apollo Education Group Subsidiary)
Director of Operations
Responsible for improving customer retention and operations through the utilization of industry research and the implementation of business units that offer best-in-class customer management, support, engagement and services.
  • Assisted Senior Vice President with management of a $8MM-$10MM budget, P&L, financial planning/analysis and forecasts.
  • Launched suite of customer support services to over 1 million global customers online and across 100+ site locations.
  • Managed division-wide strategy map with emphasis on quarterly objectives, milestone achievements, KPI’s, finances and risks.
Director of Domestic/International Services & Operations
Western International University - (An Apollo Education Group Subsidiary)
Director of Domestic/International Services & Operations
Managed domestic/international customer support services at five site locations with emphasis on launching enhanced customer service programs while improving retention rates, satisfaction rates and graduation rates. • Oversight of domestic/international customer service staff at five site locations. • Improved overall customer retention rates from 51% to 59% resulting in YOY revenue growth improvements.
Associate Director of Domestic/International Services & Operations
Western International University - (An Apollo Education Group Subsidiary)
Associate Director of Domestic/International Operations
Responsible for assisting with new customer growth strategies at Western International University and Apollo Global with emphasis on customer service techniques, customer assessments methods, staff training/development and technology integrations.
  •  Improved customer show rates by 10% in the first 12 months resulting in YOY improved revenue growth.
  • Chair of Operational Leadership Committee responsible for tracking, managing and prioritizing customer-facing projects, system integrations, system enhancements and new on-site and online service roll outs.
Customer Success Manager
Western International University - (An Apollo Education Group Subsidiary)
Customer Success Manager
Strategically grew customer base via re-engagement marketing strategies, improved customer retention methods, creation of online services, improved communication strategies and stronger customer touch point procedures.
  • Increased online customer web portal usage by 50% as appointed site administrator responsible for customer communications, system enhancements, system integrations, online content and assessment processes.
  • Managed customer service analytics and reporting to include customer support call in volumes, web analytics, emailed customer communication click and open rates, online services usage metrics and internal/external knowledgebase usage metrics.
Project Lead & Advisor
University of Phoenix - (An Apollo Education Group Subsidiary)
Project Lead & Customer Advisor
Launched innovative online services for the (K-12) sector that generated new revenue streams for Apollo Education Group as a project lead, admissions specialist and student advisor.
  •  Worked on a project team that analyzed market research data to determine feasibility of new (K-12) business segment.
  • Standardized customer service methods, internal processes and policies to accommodate for (K-12) segment, resulting in 4000+ new students and YOY growth.
  • Extended new online services into (6) new territories while providing best in class customer support services, effective lead management/routing techniques and successful prospecting methods.
Assistant Director of Services
Assistant Director of Credit Services Division
Managed credit/debit merchant processing services nationally via business to business outside sales team, call center staff and credit union partnerships.
  • Responsible for growth and development of client base through sales, operations, call center staff and credit union partnerships.
  • Successfully grew business-to-business sales team by 200% with net revenue growth of 30% in first 12 months.
  • Management of inside sales telemarketing teams responsible for target marketing strategies and initiatives.
Corporate Finance/Services Manager
Certified Merchant Services
Corporate Finance/Services Manager
Assisted with growth and development of a national credit/debit processor. Responsible for sales team support, commission calculations, contract review and underwriting.
  • Managed contract review and underwriting for a team of 50+ sales representatives across (6) satellite office locations.
  • Responsible for sales commission calculations and processing of all contracts nationally with emphasis on risk assessment.
  • Assisted with strategic planning and operations support during merger and acquisition of a competitor business.


Grand Canyon University
Anticipated Completion (2015)
Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
With an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, this doctoral program takes an in-depth study of how individuals behave in a variety of settings. Learners will study and examine the methods and principles to business and industry, human behavior at work, and employee-management relationships. Topics also include exploring methods for accelerating individual, group, and organizational performance through consulting, coaching, and change management. Leadership theories, models, styles and best practices will also be explored. In earning a PhD in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, learners will examine empirical, research-based approaches to understanding mental and thought processes including memory, reasoning, intelligence, motivation and learning. Scholars will examine the social, group and multicultural factors affecting individual behavior, the influence of mass communication on social awareness, and control. The construction, analysis and interpretation of psychological tests to measure learning outcomes are also taught.
University of Phoenix
Degree Conferred
Master of Business Administration
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program prepares students in the functional areas of business allowing them to develop managerial skills necessary to be effective in a rapidly changing business environment. The program is designed for students with an interest in entering or advancing their careers in business. The program reflects current research of managerial competencies as well as graduate business standards as reflected by existing national standardized graduate business tests.
  • In addition to the University learning goals, the MBA program prepares students to do the following:
  • Recognize and solve problems systematically to make better business decisions.
  • Manage, develop, and motivate personnel to meet changing organizational needs.
  • Discover how diversity and values strengthen working relationships and contribute to effective problem solving.
  • Leverage technology in a global environment to create sustainable competitive advantage.
  •  Evaluate risks and develop plans to lessen or eliminate their impact.
  • Develop awareness of one's own personal values and how they affect business decision making.
  • Assess whether an organization's plans and actions are aligned to meet its values.
  •  Integrate knowledge and reach decisions with incomplete or limited information.
  •  Understand a broad range of theoretical and practical applications in business.
The MBA consists of 36-54 credit hours. Thirty-six credit hours constitute the core curriculum which covers the following areas of business: management, human capital management, business law, organizational leadership, economics, accounting, applied business research & statistics, operations management, corporate finance, marketing, and strategic planning & implementation. Students can develop additional expertise in a particular area through the selection and completion of 15 credits of elective courses to earn a concentration, which may be recorded on the student's transcript.
University of Phoenix
Degree Conferred
Bachelor of Science Business Management
The Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) degree program is designed to develop the professional knowledge and skills of cross functional managers in any organization. The BSM degree enhances skills necessary for improved organizational effectiveness in a dynamic and evolving workplace. The curriculum focuses on the development of management roles. It emphasizes skills necessary to align resources, and to improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. Through a participative learning environment structured for adult learners, students are taught to manage innovation and apply professional skills and knowledge. Special emphasis can be placed on key management areas, including, leadership, general management, or human resource management based on student preference.
ITT Technical Institute
Degree Conferred
Associates Computer/Electronics Engineering

Information technology (IT) workers can be found in many types of organizations. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, "In the modern workplace, it is imperative that Information Technology (IT) works both effectively and reliably."1 IT is an academic discipline that continues to evolve as computers and communication technology change.

One area of information technology is Computer Network Systems, which involves systems such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the Internet, intranets and other data communications systems. People who understand networking can connect users in different locations and help maintain the flow of information. This could involve identifying, installing, configuring and troubleshooting systems that use various software and hardware to interconnect different systems and platforms into one common data-sharing infrastructure.


Achievement and Growth

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Available Upon Request

Available Upon Request

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